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Project Proposal: Case Study Compilation

Proposal:Incorporating all of the cohorts’ case studies in a book and on a site allowing access to the teacher developed and teacher approved inquiry lessons for classroom science education.

Purpose:To allow science teachers access to tried and true inquiry case studies to further scientific inquiry and authentic learning within their classrooms. The case studies compilation allows teachers to leave comments on the case studies including such things as how well they worked in their classrooms and ways they were used within their classrooms.

Project Proposal:
Limo and Action research
Proposal: A compilation of LIMO (Live Investigative Model Organisms) studies teacher designed and teacher approved allowing science instructors the ability to incorporate the use of live organisms for study throughout the science year to improve and add actual research within their classroom.
Purpose: To excite students and science instructors to utilize scientific inquiry and analysis through hands on student led learning within their classrooms using teacher proven lessons and protocol.

Equipment Lending Proposal